Amor Vincit Omnia

“Thought is what we start from: the simple, intimate, immediate datum. Matter is the inferred thing, the mystery.” — C.S. Lewis


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Your own man


Conversation is always short
With you

And it’s okay
Because our hearts never dry
And this is reflected in our mouths.

We talk turkey and dates

It’s been awhile
(since July?

(via inmeumlocum)



1 a.m. looks like
the dull, humming glow of a lamp
As it flows through the air.

Your nest is an assortment of white flashcards

And hair resides is a scrunched mess
A crown on your head

For you’ve been dubbed
The queen of no rest


I’m tempted


Not a word in months
Until today you gave me one
And a face

I’m tempted

To tell you all the things
You did wrong

I’m tempted

To throw the towel in the spark
And let my exit engulf you
In ash

That would be easy

But no, silence is hard
In its mastery
To be silent is to shed the cloth from the table
And leave the fine china as it were


"May I write words more naked than flesh,
stronger than bone, more resilient than
sinew, sensitive than nerve."

- Sappho (via synaesthes—ia)

(Source: litverve, via inmeumlocum)